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Calling all aspiring chiropractors, PTs, OTs, and MDs! Kickstart your path to being a holistic leader in women's health by learning clinical skills they aren't teaching you in your professional coursework. 


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Start aligning with your inner rhythms and take control of your periods, fertility, and birth control options to feel more connected and at peace with your body


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Improve client outcomes or start a whole new income stream by becoming an expert in menstrual health, fertility optimization, and reproductive health via professional certification courses and trainings 


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Lean into the messages that your body is sending you every month about your overall health and wellness by bringing your awareness to the key markers of menstrual health and fertility.


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Our ever-expanding journal combines western-based science, eastern philosophy, and clinical practice to explore emerging topics that impact the field of women's health

Kiss Period Pain & Menstrual Cramps Goodbye

Oct 23, 2023


Meet Dr. Julia Smeltz

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Health Specialist,
Certified Birth Doula, Body Literacy Educator, Yoga Instructor 


Dr. Julia Smeltz is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Pelvic Floor Rehab and Reproductive Health. She is the owner of Core 4 Healing and Wellness, a boutique-style practice in Bethlehem, PA that specializes in working with parents on a fertility journey, supporting their pregnancies and preparing for labor and delivery, assisting with acute birth healing, and the management of pelvic floor dysfunctions postpartum.  

The Infradian Institute of Reproductive Health & Body Literacy was formed in 2024 as an avenue to empower women everywhere with the time-honored wisdom of our natural inner rhythms. The Infradian Institute seeks to break down culturally-held taboos surrounding menstruation, birth, and birth control by putting knowledge and education about the female body back into the hands of women.

Are you feeling the pull towards a deeper connection with your body, but not sure where to start? Send us a message and let's connect! 

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"Dr. Julia is a wealth of knowledge. I'm so happy I found her! I feel like I am able to connect with my body more now than ever before. I plan on teaching my daughters everything that I learned. I wish I would have known these things WAY sooner!"

- Marina M

"Last year, I made the decision to come off of hormonal birth control after 10 years. Learning to track my cycle and use fertility awareness-based methods for birth control was a game changer!" 

- Lauren H

"Cycle Tracking should be required education for everyone who bleeds! I couldn't believe how much I didn't know about my body!"

- Taylor D

The Infradian Institute 

Optimize your menstrual cycle, fertility, and vitality by aligning with the inner rhythms of your body. 

Cycle Tracking Bootcamp

Take the first steps in using cycle tracking to balance your hormones, get pregnant faster, and utilize a  hormone-free effective birth control practice.


Conscious Contraception

Coming Soon! 

Optimizing Fertility

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Birth Prep Course

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