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Cycle Tracking Bootcamp

Summer Cohort Open! 

Learn fertility awareness based methods of cycle tracking to balance your hormones and take charge of your fertility 

  • Learn how to track your cycle using the 3 fertility markers
  • Interpret your cycle charts to identify¬†hormone imbalances¬†
  • Explore how cycle tracking can be used as an effective, non-hormonal birth control practice¬†
  • Identify your fertile window to get pregnant faster¬†
  • Harness the energy of your cycle to make your workouts more effective
  • Align with your cycle to meet the demands of work and life¬†
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Conscious Contraception 

Coming Soon!

Ideal for those exploring their birth control options or looking to get off of hormonal birth control

  • Explore options for¬†hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptives available in the US¬†
  • Learn how the pill, IUD, patch, and ring work in the body and who may be prone to side effects¬†
  • Explore using¬†fertility awareness based methods of cycle tracking as a hormone-free form of birth control
  • Determine the spectrum of herbal and medical options available to prevent a pregnancy


Coming Soon! 

Ideal for those wanting to get pregnant faster, even if they have struggled with infertility in the past

  • Learn to track your cycle to determine the days you are MOST fertile
  • Detox your home and self-care routines to decrease toxin load and allow your body to put more energy towards creating new life
  • Address fascial adhesions and restrictions in the body that may be inhibiting ovulation
  • Learn how to take care of your vulvar hygiene and support your reproductive system¬†

Birth Prep

Coming Soon!

Ideal for couples looking to have their most supportive and empowered birth 

  • Explore the 3 phases of labor and the mechanics of the pelvis during each phase
  • Learn the most effective labor positions for medicated and unmedicated birth
  • Practice¬†pushing strategies to protect your pelvic floor and decrease your risk of tearing
  • Discovery ways your partner can support you during your birth with hands-on techniques and comfort measures

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Pelvic Health Resources

Pelvic Health education should be accessible to ALL!  If you love learning by reading, then check out our FREE ebook and our other two published works on available on Amazon.

Be sure to check out our Infradian Journal to learn about emerging topics in the field. Download the FREE resources below below to start learning the foundations of Pelvic Health now!

Free Ebook

Embody: Your Birth Prep Guide for your Best Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery Ever!

Does your birth plan include:

- Knowledge of the various birthing positions that are available to you

- Breathing strategies that can support you through labor

- How to prime your pelvic floor for success

- And how to recover postpartum to avoid dysfunctions such as pain with sex, urine leakage, and prolapse? 

If you are preparing for your best pregnancy, labor, and delivery EVER, then this book is a must! 


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Published Book

5 Things Your Doctor Never Told you About Your C-Section Recovery and Healing

This book contains everything a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist wants you to know about your C-Section recovery and healing...that no one has told you.

This guide will give you all of the information you need to recover from a C-Section so that you can feel good in your body, avoid complications and pain resulting from an untreated C-Section scar, and can be fully present with those you love!

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Published Book

Yoga & The Pelvic Floor: Bridging the Gap Between The Art and Science of Yoga Through the Gaze of a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist 

The purpose of this book is to break the world of pelvic health wide open and show how yoga can be a key player in the effort to help free billions from pelvic health dysfunctions so they can reconnect with and fall in love with their bodies again (or for the very first time!).


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