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  • A Private Practice Owner who realized in 2020 that Physician Referrals aren't enough to keep the lights on in your clinic. You NEED a new, cost-effective way to build rapport with new clients FAST and get them in the door!


  • A New Grad Healthcare Professional who has a dream of opening your own practice and NEEDS to start branding and marketing yourself NOW to reach your ideal audience!


  • A Seasoned Clinician who is burnt-out in the current healthcare system and is looking for a new way to provide quality care on YOUR own terms. You know that to build your new business and create the freedom you crave, cost-effective marketing is KEY!


  • A Student searching for your dream internship or dream job at a Private Practice where you will receive unmatched 1:1 mentorship and experience in your field.
    The #1 need of Private Practices is MORE CLIENTS! If you are able to bring valuable marketing skills to the practice so they can reach their audience and increase their impact, be prepared for that clinic to HIRE YOU on the spot!!

.....If this is where your passions lie, it's time to ignite your skill set and make your dreams possible!

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9 Weeks Of Step-By-Step Online And Social Media Marketing Education Via Computer, Tablet, Or Phone! 

PLUS, if you purchase now, you get the following irresistible bonuses! 

  • INSTAGRAM: Dive into 16 step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to leverage your personal or business Instagram account to engage your audience, convert leads, and increase your clientele! 
    • Learn how market with IG Stories, Reels, and engaging Posts
    • Harness the power of Hashtags and make the IG Algorithm work for YOU
    • Discover our time-tested method for Pitching on video and Tracking/Following up with Leads


  • PODCASTING: Harness this evergreen marketing tool to pour into audiences with your message for YEARS to come! We guide you step-by-step how to create your podcast AND then how to leverage it as a powerful tool in your business!
    • Unlock the 3 BEST strategies to monetize your Podcast
    • Create Podcast Previews and explore how to blow up your audience
    • Unlock the power of co-hosting and vital tips to make sure you never run out of content to share


  • YOUTUBE: Over 10 tutorials allow you to dive in DEEP into this evergreen marketing tool that will allow you to share your knowledge all around the world!
    • Gain confidence creating content from your Zone Of Genius
    • Professionally edit and script your videos to streamline your message and engage your audience
    • Harness the power of the YouTube Algorithm with our own expertly-crafted Keyword Search Formula


  • LOGOS & BRANDING:  Creating a logo that represents exactly what you do and instills confidence in your audience is so IMPORTANT! Dive into the psychology and art of branding. Learn how you can DIY brand on a budget and the how working with a professional designer can help take your branding to the next level!


  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Hiring out for website creating and management can be costly. But did you know YOU can create your own beautiful and streamlined website that converts clients for your business?! 
    • Leave out the guess-work and time-eating mistakes of website design when you follow our instructors step-by-step to create a website on either Wix or Wordpress
    • Learn how to turn your website into a funnel that generates leads and transforms site visitors into paying clients


  • LANDING PAGES: Landing pages are essential when showcasing specific services and funneling your clients towards a sale. Learn how to create your own landing pages here! We'll be with you every step fo the way! 
    • Hiring a lawyer to create and add all of the legal forms - Privacy Policies, Terms of Services, ADA Regulations - to your website or landing pages is EXPENSIVE. Learn how to do it yourself in half the time, virtually for free!
    • Learn how to create appealing and functional landing pages that call your audience to action


  • BONUS: The Key Elements Your Landing Pages and Websites Need to be Legally Compliant!
    • Making Your Pages ADA Compliant
    • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Documents
    • Cookie Banners 


  • EMAIL MARKETING: The beauty of email marketing is that you KNOW your message is reaching your ideal audience - it's going straight to their inbox! This sometimes underrated marketing tool is a BIZ TRANSFORMING skill that is easy to learn and absolutely vital to your ongoing success!


  • FACEBOOK ADS: Did you know that over 25% of the world population uses Facebook daily? Get you offer in front of this HUGE audience with this simple marketing tool that packs a powerful punch!


  • BONUS: BUSINESS MINDSET "TED TALKS": The greatest thing holding you back from your dreams is most likely...Yourself. Imposter Syndrome, Fear, Self-Sabatoge, Questions of Purpose, and Definitions of Success are topics that effect every leader. Gain confidence and inspiration on your journey via 13 TED Talk-esque motivational video that will speak directly to YOU!


  • ACCESS TO OUR EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY: Gain access to our Practice Igniter Community where you can meet fellow leaders, share and receive insights and knowledge, and feel supported in your journey!


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Why This Course Is ABSOLUTELY Necessary....

The Practice Igniter is literally the ONLY Social Media and Online Marketing Course you will ever need to take your business to the next level!

Most marketing courses that cover this wide breadth of topics merely teach you how to create on these platforms, meaning you miss out on the crucial knowledge of how to actually LEVERAGE these platforms so that they WORK for your business. A pretty Instagram Account is one thing, BUT being able to transform your IG into a powerful lead generating machine is another!

The Practice Igniter is DIFFERENT! It was created by experts in social media and online marketing who have been in your shoes and recognize the DESPERATE need for a course that not just teases you how to create on these websites but how to utilize them to ignite your message, generate leads, convert clientele  and change our world!

Each topic is taught by an expert instructor on the topic who has used their expertise in a particular area of online/SM to ignite their own businesses. If you participate in social media or are within healthcare, chances are you will recognize some of our phenomenal and leveraging their marketing skill set to reach their audience (including you!)!

The Practice Igniter Promise that we will literally guide you step-by-step, giving you all of the algorithm secrets and tools you need to be your own marketing guru. this go-at-your own pace course allows you to tackle the marketing apps that are the most important to you NOW and explore possibilities for future endeavors!

PLUS, jump into your marketing with confidence by being a part of our exclusive Practice Igniter Community and having access to our coaches!

Feedback From Our Practice Igniter Community!

Victoria C

I had no IDEA there was so much to Instagram! I'm only through module one and I feel like I got so much more knowledge from Logan and Andrew already. Just with the IG content alone, I feel like I hold so much more knowledge and power over leveraging my content....Like truly I feel like I got a steal and am the holder of all secrets! 

Megan B

I'm really enjoying the Practice Igniter! The Facebook Ads module was really helpful because I found Facebook to be one of the most confusing outlets to navigate. Having someone go through that process and explain the options saved me sooo much frustration!

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Level Up Your Marketing Skill Set Here!

Meet Our Practice Igniter Team!



Harness the power of Reels, Stories, Sharable Posts, and Offer Pitching to convert clientele with IG Experts, Logan Lynch and Andrew Tran! 




Create and leverage a podcast to reach your ideal audience and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your mission with Podcasting Power Teams, Amy Newberry & Jessica Thompson from The Core 4 Momentum Podcast, and Sarah Falbo & Gabby Mace from GRADitude Podcast!




Learn how to master the YouTube algorithm to tap into the broadband marketing power of this evergreen platform with YouTube Masters, Tori Butler and Siobhan France!



Logo & Branding!

Harness the power of the visual arts to create logos and color schemes that  tell the story of who you are and what you do with Graphic Designing Pro, Clayton Pollard!



Website Design! 

In this day in age, having a website is crucial to be perceived as a legitimate business! Put yourself on the digital map by creating a website through Wix or Wordpress with Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Lauren Revoir!



Landing Pages! 

Have products or services you market online? Landing Pages are the online portals that help your clients/customers access what you have to offer! Learn the ins and outs of Landing Pages with Digital Marketing Guru, Amanda Diver!



Email Marketing!

Learn the ins and outs of the most tried and true (and often times overlooked) online marketing tool with Email Marketing Leaders, Chloe Moreno and Jane Mo! 



Facebook Ads!

Get all of the resources you need to reach your ideal audience with an effective and cost-effective marketing tool with Facebook Ads Guru, David Revoir! 



Business Mindset!

Need a mindset shift to overcome feelings of Imposter Syndrome, Self-Doubt, and Fear of Failure as you embark on this new journey of becoming the expert marketer for your business? Overcome your internal obstacles with financing expert and mindset coach, Carl Wallin!



Your Host on The Practice Igniter Journey! 

Everyone needs a guide - we were never supposed to walk this journey of building our businesses, creating impact, and changing the world alone! Healthcare entrepreneur and Founder of the Practice Igniter, Julia Smeltz, will be your host throughout this journey as you discover your full potential and actualize the business you were born to create! 

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